Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Talking About Artists:

Cat Tyc is originally from NYC and currently lives in Portland, OR.  She is a video artist, filmmaker and poet who has been known to disappear in a whirlwind of projects.  I first met Cat at a bar in Brooklyn back in 2001, I think it was, through friends of friends and fortunately we've been able to keep in touch.  I enjoy getting updates on what project she is working on at the moment; whether she knows it or not, her seemingly endless productivity is a huge motivation for me to keep making.  

Cat's recently completed a short film, Umbrella, that she wrote, directed and edited.  She hopes to have it screened in New York within the next two months.  

Check out two videos that she made for some local Portland bands:

I fell in love with The Feather Test, both the video and the song, after seeing it for the first time a few months ago.  It's heartbreakingly beautiful imagery at first appears to be highly stylized images of the musicians in their surroundings.  But about a quarter of the way into the video, a disturbing narrative begins to unfold of intervention, destruction or liberation - I can't decide which since it opens up new meaning every time I watch it.  It may be all these things, as nothing so emotive can really be defined in one word. 

That's the way I feel about it, anyway.               

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  1. That video is very though provoking...and yes disturbing at first glance. You friend is very talented...Thank you for sharing this.