Friday, March 13, 2009

I was very excited to find this morning that the above artwork, "House on the Edge of the Lake," was featured in a member selected Etsy Treasury, entitled "i love HOUSE work":

I used acrylic paint on found 1/4" plywood.  The sky and lake are painted with opaque copper and gold acrylics, which make the surface iridescent.  I like the ominous, ethereal effect they create when layered over the grainy plywood.  For further detail, go to

Yesterday I finished my latest oil.  It's a 3 x 4' canvas that should really be re-stretched because the stretcher bars got warped from the gesso.  Jack and our friend Anibal were rendered from a photograph I took of them mid-conversation.  It's titled, "La Conversacion".  I should take a better photo before posting an image here. 

By the way, if anyone reading this can offer tips in the comments area re: digitally photographing oil paintings, I'd greatly appreciate it.  I'm having a tough time with it.      



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