Monday, March 16, 2009

In Time for Spring

The House Where Rabbit Slept, 2009, mixed media

I just finished this today and posted on Etsy.  I decided to attach the paper drawing to a found piece of plywood using thread rather than adhesive because a) I don't trust that adhesive works or is long-lasting, and b) I'm not always sure about adhesives labeled "archival grade" really being archival.  I also really liked the visual effect of thread sewn to the paper and plywood, and I enjoyed the physical process of assembling the work.  You can click on the image of this work on the sidebar to view more information about it in my shop.

Jack suggested that I may want to attach a piece of plexiglass over the work to protect it since it is pretty delicate.  I think that's a fantastic idea; I just need to find some and have it cut to size.  For now, I have it posted for sale as-is, which may not be a smart move.  Something to consider, but I'm tired of hemming and hawing over it.  Just wanted to show it already!  Another Etsy seller, Botanary Confections (, who sells deliciously sounding crunches, sodas and "dirty" sugars made with unconventional floral and herbal flavors, wrote to me that it's really hard to walk when they want to run.  How true that is.      

About the content of this little drawing assemblage: it's a sad little image.  It breaks my own heart to see Rabbit, small and seemingly vulnerable, noticing the imposing smoke stacks in the distance.  I worry about how fragile spring is - in my mind, it has become another endangered species.