Monday, September 20, 2010

This photo of me was taken in '97 or '98 by Jennifer Poole, a fellow visual art student at Rutgers University (and my next door neighbor in the Jameson dorms on Douglass campus).  I recall her asking me to sit for this portrait, taken from the opposite side of plastic sheeting, for a project that she was working on in which she asked every sitter to write down their biggest regret (mine was that I did not say "I love you" to my father before he passed away).  I like the dreamy quality of this image - it has a blurry affect almost like seeing through eyes welled up with tears.  It also makes me think of a vintage photo, or of how some memories appear fuzzy in the mind.  

Speaking of regrets, I lost touch with Jennifer after we graduated.  I ran into her once in Chelsea but don't know why I didn't do a better job of following up with that encounter.  I really enjoyed knowing her when we were in school and her work always impressed me.  Jennifer, if you by chance Google your name and this blog post comes up, drop me a note!  

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