Monday, November 9, 2009

"We Play (Slide Redux)" Performance, 11/6/09, Soho20 Gallery

Here are some photos of my performance at SOHO20 Gallery. I couldn't have done it without the dedicated participation of "Slide" players: Jessica Funaro, Cherkea Howery, Karl Knauer, Maori Stanton and Jonique Williams. Nor would the performance have been as successful without the participation of gallery visitors. I was the evening's referee (or the official whistle blower), guiding the players and visitors through the game - or at least trying to. I felt a little punch drunk, and certainly not from the rum fruit punch that we served. I think I was overwhelmed by the evening, in a pretty good way.

The performance was one in which five blindfolded "players" paired up to play the children's hand clapping game, Slide. A referee guided them through the gallery and paired them up with other players, or with gallery visitors who volunteered to participate. Mutual guidance was needed from all participants, as the blindfolded players could not see their partners and the visitors were being introduced to the game. Eventually a casual atmosphere was established in which blindfolded players were socializing with gallery visitors - a surreal and amusing sight.

I want to thank Jenn Dierdorf, Director of SOHO20 Gallery, for inviting me to participate in the Savoir-Faire performance series; the "Slide" players for agreeing to do this and for being incredible performers; Elizabeth Bisbing for photographing the performance; and Jack Cesareo for documenting the evening. And also I thank everyone who was able to come, watch and play with us.

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